Drita Protopapa


I am a passionate communicator continually inspired by connecting people with the resources they need, in the language they speak. As a child of immigrants, I have a healthy sense of justice. My life’s work is to give voice to those who otherwise might not be heard. I help them decode and decipher the information they need so that they can make educated decisions in their own lives. During my 20+ years in the field, working on more than 5000+ projects in over 50 languages, I’ve specialized in bringing a creative approach to interpreting, translating, and voice over work, all with the goal of bridging any real or perceived gaps in understanding. That is why I created MAPA Translations & Language Solutions, so that I can bring the expertise needed to ensure information is reachable for all people in the communities we serve. My Vision: • In translation services, interpreter services, and voice-over work, the key is to adapt language to meet our clients’ cultural and linguistic needs. We focus on communicating in their native language and ensuring the level of information is broken down into digestible pieces. • We remove barriers by meeting clients where they are so we can facilitate an engaged and fully understood conversation. • MAPA Translations & Language Solutions is the culturally sensitive partner our clients need to help them navigate challenges and fully engage in their native language. Services: Written Translation, Interpreter Services, Multilingual Voice Over. Special Note: I am a multilingual on camera and voice actor (English, Portuguese and Spanish) acting (on camera) as well as an acting coach and director. Additionally, MAPA partners with a video production company to offer streamlined services in audio and video production.

Fluent in

English ,  Portuguese ,  Spanish

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