Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD


Inspired by natural systems, my gift is to recognize patterns that underlines your unique 'Valuation Template' allowing you to sustain your wealth. Moving from a place of self-discovery and authentic integrity, I guide you to develop strategies that brings you happiness. My desire to move from joy is contagious. As you embrace a positive outlook then you are more consciously aware and able to successfully attract wealth. With practice, you learn how to easily connect with their heart-felt intuition and move in collaboration for win/win relationships. As an Environmental expert, you discover how your life has been pre-designed through social interactions, language, communities, and places where you spend time. The 21st century is a time of opportunity to shift through change. I have mentored University students to move forward on their path if individuality. You are led to become grounded in your place of balance. This provides you with a strong foundation that allows you to be resilient when needed. As a teen, I trained horses and won awards in horse show events. It was clear that I was moving in harmony with the horse and the course we moved through to e successful. You will understand how to recognize the best course of action to move in harmony with life and your environment for win/win outcomes. I will guide you to discover the wealth that is available to you in very moment.

Fluent in



  • Environmental Science Instructor at a University level
  • 15+ years experience with effective entrepreneur business management.
  • Effectively managed multiple tasks and with successful attention to detail.
  • Extensive community interactions for problem solving with successful win/win outcomes.
  • Proactive professionalism while being courteous through diplomacy and confidentiality.


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