Gina Petri Ferreira


I’m Gina, I'm an accounting ninja by day and wife/mum/Mimi by night! A Texas-native living in Massachusetts (because the weather is awesome), with over 25 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience in a multitude of industries. In addition to obtaining various software certifications, I've incorporated the modern technologies (such as Cloud Networking/Storage) into my work. Of those 25 years, I've seen far too many small business owners struggle with their day-to-day operations and their internal bookkeeping because they simply do not understand it. Why? Mostly because no one has truly taken the time to show them how! This is where I come in. I know the old-school way, the Original Way and I teach them how to understand bookkeeping on their level. I have helped several small businesses go from struggling to a 100% automated workflow. They learn their flow from beginning to end; from logging into their accounting systems, to knowing what reports they need on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. But I don't just help small business 'keep' their books current, that's easy. With me, I teach them how to understand their books, help them build their flow so they can be accounting ninjas too! Let me help you understand bookkeeping the original way. I'm an analog bookkeeper in a digital world, and my method is simple and super easy. Reach out and lets have a chat! **Bilingual: English+Spanish


Certificate name
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AA Anthropology

St. Edward's University

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BS Accounting

Bridgewater State University


  • Over 25 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience in a multitude of industries with various software certifications, and I utilize cloud technology to its fullest!

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