Holly Chessman


Whether you are looking for business or personal growth, the place to start is your story. In today's digital world, people do their research before they reach out to you. A powerful brand story is key to the impression you give - even before anyone talks to you. It's also the lynchpin for every aspect of your business, from marketing and sales activities to customer care to product development and beyond. I provide simple techniques to improve your image, reach your goals, and create a impactful reputation that instantly labels you as an expert and makes your business compelling. Whether you are looking to empower yourself to build your reputation and career or teach business leaders how to improve their marketing and digital activities to strengthen the organization, you can be assured that you will leave with clear takeaways that you can begin using immediately.

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  • * Author of AMPLIFY: How To Grow Your Reputation And The Kickass Career You Love
  • * Keynote Speaker
  • * Marketing Executive
  • * Published in Forbes, Maximize Social Business, and more
  • * MBA Candidate


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