Jane Diamond


My background and experience comes from my own personal experience. After a car accident in my early twenties, I spent many years in and out of a hospital, experiencing one set back after another. After 14 operations which spanned the last 25 years of my life, I clearly understand how physical and emotional pain and discomfort is both mentally and physically debilitating. During my recovery process, I underwent a transformation that connected me to a healing process. Through extensive training, I developed a greater understanding and practice of resiliency; by building grit, empathy, perseverance, optimism, purpose and happiness. I have worked with a diverse population with many individuals making life and behavior changes as well as nurses, physicians and healthcare staff.


Certificate name
Issuing organization

Certified Health and Wellness Coach


Certificate name
Issuing organization

Coaching in Healthcare and Medicine

Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School, Institute of Coaching


  • I have 25 years of experience including coaching a diverse and large population from the devastating effects after 9/11. My coaching practice includes coaching physicians in burnout; individuals in disease management, injuries, behavior change and goal accomplishment.
  • I have continued my learning as a Coach through certification programs in Medicine & Healthcare through The McLean School at Harvard Medical School, Institute of Coaching and Wellcoaches.


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