Jenna Green


After 'hustling' in my own small business for many years, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and forced to re-evaluate my priorities. My goal with my blog, business and in general is to go through life’s challenges with grit and perseverance while giving ourselves (and others) grace and understanding. We each determine our definitions of success, and we encourage each other along the way. Helping other small business owners figure out how to use social media to their advantage, whether it be with influencer marketing or expanding their own influence, is my primary focus. I also believe that we all need more than one income stream, so I researched affiliate marketing tactics for three years in order to create an affiliate marketing basics course. The course is designed to help the average social media user recommend products they're already using to their communities on channels they're already active on while making a little extra income each month.

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  • WeGo Health Patient Advocate Award Nominee

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