Julie Anne Eason


As a freelance copywriter and stay-at-home mom, Julie Anne Eason struggled with the typical feast-or-famine cycle most small businesses experience. After working in the marketing world for over 25 years, she figured out how to stop living gig-to-gig and actually build a clientele that never went away. Consistently deepening client relationships, understanding communication preferences, and using smart pricing and packaging strategies allowed her to build a six-figure writing business and rise to the top 1% of professional writers in the US. She is currently the CEO of Thanet House Books, a boutique book development and publishing company. She helps business people write and publish books that inspire, educate, and sell. She also loves teaching freelancers, solopreneurs, and digital nomads how to thrive in the gig economy and build long-term, sustainable careers.


  • Author of The Work At Home Success Guide
  • Author of The Profitable Business Author
  • CEO of Thanet House Books
  • Founder of The Nonfiction Book Academy
  • Ghostwriter for multi-million-dollar best selling books in the business and self-development categories


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