Karen Morales


In my 20 years of working with brands of all sizes, I've see one core truth: every marketing conversation starts with: What should I do next? I see that most businesses fail in marketing for three reasons: they spend way too much on services that don't work, change their approach too often or find themselves spread so thin they are treading water versus making progress. Sound familiar? With all of the agencies, consultants, books and experts touting their own theories online, it is no wonder that most businesses get stuck figuring out what to do next and often lose money when they hire someone to help them. I left the big agency world as I knew there was a more effective way to provide marketing for companies, without a $10M annual retainer. I've boiled down my process to three simple steps any business can apply to grow their business without a thousand agencies, a million dollars and a team running in circles.


  • The biggest opportunity for companies looking to dramatically improve their growth -- CHANGE. It takes guts, bravery and ambition to constantly monitor performance and make the small, incremental moves that get you to double your sales and improve your productivity.
  • Global and national campaigns for American Express, Delta Air Lines, ESPN, Fidelity Investments, venture backed start-ups and local businesses.
  • Experienced Marketing Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing, PR and advertising industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Digital Strategy, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing, and Marketing Strategy.


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Changed My Mindset

After speaking with Karen for just 30 minutes she was able to totally transform my mindset about my business.

October 2019

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