Lee Atherton


As a professional officiant and coach for life’s transitions, I will help guide your journey to discover what is most meaningful for you and those you love. Of all life’s milestones—weddings, new babies, empty nesting, retiring, and more, one of the most poignant is the moment we take our last breath. The ways you prepare for death, even when death is not imminent, will help you live a life honoring those people and values you find most precious. Whether it is considering and making medical decisions, preparing your children, speaking with your family and doctor or living with a terminal illness, as CoachRev, I offer a safe place to share without self-censorship, to ask questions and discover answers unique to you. Through empathic listening and intuitive questioning, I invite you to uncover the answers already within that have perhaps gone unacknowledged. Walking alongside you and supporting you, I can affirm the normalcy of the process of dying and of grieving. This approach honors a person’s wisdom and explores ways for him/her to live by their inner knowledge. Real transformation occurs when a person is seen and heard in this deep, understanding manner. I see my role as an End-of-Life Coach as one of honor and privilege, and I look forward to walking this journey alongside you.

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United Church of Christ

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Fire Chaplain

Massachusetts Corps of Fire Chaplains


  • Over 15 years experience; Certified Critical Incident Stress Management and Fire Chaplain;


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