Lisa A Engle


It's been affirmed again and again that without an authentic connection to my own nature, my personal strengths and gifts, I will not experience an authentic and true connection with my children (or any other relationship for that matter). Much of the work I do as a Certified Health Coach is to hold the posture of a reflective partner who will help you define (through tested methods and questions) the ideal, unique, and most well vision and version of you. By holding a mirror for you to continually see your picture, we will collaboratively design the best path to experience your ideal and optimal life. What is "well" for you will look different than for your neighbor. (...and very potentially will look different for you a week, month or year from now) You not only deserve to care for yourSelf, you have a responsibility to do so. At OptiMOM Coaching™, the vision of a well world is held at it's center with great recognition that to raise well children, we need well parents. OptiMOM Coaching is not here to "fix" you. OptiMOM Coaching is here as a mirror to facilitate seeing and experiencing your optimal potential, courage, and incredible value so that you can mother from (and experience) that powerful, influential, and critically important role as "mom".

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Certified Health and Wellness Coach



  • Guest on several high profile Podcasts
  • Author of many published articles in professional magazines
  • Speaker at various seminars and local schools
  • Leadership positions influencing change toward healthier trajectory
  • Included in Marquis Who's Who in 2018
  • Recognition in various local publications for community contribution


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