Lisa (Chartier) Colella


I've built a business based on the belief that when the fundamental truths of individual and company are uncovered, and aligned, worker happiness and company value skyrocket. I provide expert advisory, coaching and strategy support for both sides of that equation in hopes to bridge the recurrent gaps that exist today between business leaders and the wholehearted talent they seek to employ. I'm a 15-year Corporate Branding and Recruitment Marketing professional who has built, led and/or worked for award-winning, global HR & Marketing teams in both consulting and in-house settings. I help senior level business leaders to overcome their most difficult talent attraction, conversion and/or engagement problems through a variety of advisory or project-based services. I'm also a passionate career coach, driven to use what I've learned working with these companies to offer useful insights and advice to women who want to improve or change the trajectory of their careers. My coaching services can focus in any or all of 3 main areas: Mindset, Knowledge/Personal Branding, and Influence.


  • Multi-national speaker, thought leader and advisor on the topic of careers and empowered life design.
  • Example editorial outlets featuring my work include Forbes, Fast Company, Human Capital Institute (HCI), Corporate Executive Board (CEB/Gartner), Glassdoor, Omobono (What Works Where), Recruitment Marketing Magazine, Employer Brand Management Awards, and Fairy God Boss, among others.


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