Lisa Dahl


I am a certified health and wellness coach, workshop facilitator and meal planning expert who specializes in being happy, healthy and confident at any size. I teach men and women how to create a healthy lifestyle by nourishing their bodies with real food, adding movement, understanding the importance of sleep and stress, and finding gratitude. I combine nutritional coaching, accountability, and implementing “one small change at a time” to achieve long-term sustainability. I run A Studio At 68, where I conduct one-on-one coaching and run meal-planning workshops. As the former owner of Simply Dahlicious Custom Catering and Confections, I use my catering skills to teach clients how to efficiently create healthy and delicious meals, or “Plan, Provision, Prep, and Protect”. My coaching philosophy is to ditch the diet and focus on Progress, not Perfection. You can learn more at

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Precision Nutrition Level 2 Health and Wellness Coach

Precision Nutritoin

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Personal Training


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  • Lisa is a Boost leader/facilitator with Pepperlane, and works with VESTA supporting men and women navigating divorce.

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