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Dr. Lynda Reid's coaching will stretch your thinking, allowing you to break through your blind spots and stimulate new insights. Her neuroscience-based coaching strategies support you in turning your insights into manageable actions that foster positive, dynamic change. Dr. Reid has coached individuals and teams in times of crisis and change from hurricanes to wildfires and now COVID-19, supporting them in quieting their thinking, reconnecting to their core, and taking control of step by step actions for moving forward. Dr. Reid's life, work, and research created the foundation for her book, "the little book of MORE: the evolution of YOU." Her concept of MORE is an acronym, of four key elements, Meaning, Owning, Relationships, and Emotions. It is through focusing on and fostering these four elements in our times of crisis and change that we can break beyond our layers of overwhelm and old habits to create avenues for actualizing positive sustainable change. Lynda's coaching programs and presentations are personalized to inspire and shift individuals and teams in moving beyond their status quo. Her virtual individual and group coaching programs allow participants the comfort of their own space and time to process and transform insights into action steps for renewal.

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International Coach Federation

A brief introduction to Dr. Lynda Reid.


  • ICF, Internationally Certified Professional Coach, PCC
  • A Parkinson's Resource Organization's Wellness Village Expert
  • Educational Doctorate (EdD) focused on Multicultural Leadership
  • Author: "the little book of MORE: the evolution of YOU"
  • TEDx speaker: "imagine MORE"
  • A former contributor to Forbes Coaches Council

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