Lynne Patzelt


I am passionate about helping you envision your best self, and providing guidance and support as you transform your values and priorities into action. Together, we will identify what you want, what is holding you back and what you can do to create the life you desire. With respect and non-judgment I celebrate your unique circumstances, abilities and goals, and practice positive affirmation that you are expert in your own life. Wellness encompasses physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects, and your personal definition may include any of these dimensions. My training and certification through Mayo Clinic and National Board Certification as a Health and Wellness Coach qualify me to provide comprehensive coaching skills as you develop and clarify specific goals. I am dedicated to helping you attain achievable, lasting results and building confidence and excitement as you strive for your ideal life!

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National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach


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Wellness Coach Certification

Mayo Clinic

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