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Mary Jo Rathgeb, MS, PCC, is a Personal and Professional Development Coach who supports adults in mid, late and end-of-life to navigate major life transitions with a sense of resiliency, hope, and meaning. She provides clients with the inspiration and resources to create possibilities for a new direction in dealing with their circumstances. Her clients’ transformation process is facilitated by engaging their creativity to move through transitions with a sense of meaning and purpose. It is a collaboration that supports the client in accepting an ending and creating a vision for a new beginning where appropriate. The result is that clients are at choice to create positive changes in their personal and/or professional lives and move in the direction of living with greater fulfillment, acceptance, and purpose. Currently a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, and Human Design Consultant, Mary Jo helps clients find their way to wholeness as they transition from where they are to where they choose to be. Mary Jo has an MS in Grief Counseling and a BA in English Literature. Prior to becoming a professional coach, she engaged in a 30-year career in media marketing. She believes that everyone is creative and when tapped into their inner resources, people will naturally create fulfillment for themselves. They will adopt a growth mindset and build emotional resilience. She uses the Core Energy Coaching Process and Energy Leadership framework learned through her training at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and the Human Design System as tools to help her clients come to know themselves at a deep level. Her clients learn how they are designed energetically. They discover how their thoughts, emotions, and actions resonate with various energy levels and learn how to consciously respond, instead of reacting, to life’s circumstances. This process gives clients clarity and the power to choose how they show up in their life, who they want to be, and what they can do to make their vision a reality. With this comes a deep level of self-acceptance.  Mary Jo lives in Vermont with her partner and two dogs. They enjoy walks in nature, exploring the countryside, and cooking with food from local farmers’ markets. To learn more, visit or

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