Natalie Garcia


I assist women through Our Best Year Ever, which is a proven 12-month program for working women with young children who are overstretched and overwhelmed. By learning new routines, habits and skills, women calm their chaos, transform their daily lives, and regain their personal energy and spark. Developed by a working mom for working moms, the program combines online group sessions with one-on-one coaching. And unlike singular approaches to wellness, such as fitness training or meditation, Our Best Year Ever focuses on the whole woman incorporating organizational, emotional, physical and spiritual strategies and tactics.

I am Women's Lifestyle Coach helping the overworked, overstretched, and overwhelmed working mother calm the chaos through health and wellness routines that fit her schedule.


  • Bachelors in Science, Registered Nurse
  • 1LT Army National Guard
  • Certified Life Coach, CaPP Institute


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