Rana Nawas


I'd love to support women at a business or career level... Questions I could help you answer: - how can I become better at selling? - what is a "strategy" and how do I come up with one for my business or career? - how do I negotiate (for salary or a sale)? - how do I self-promote safely within my organization? - how do I build my personal brand or elevator pitch? - how should I approach "networking"?

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Arabic ,  English


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INSEAD Gender Diversity Programme

INSEAD Executive Education

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Board Director

GCC Board of Directors Institute


  • Was the youngest ever Senior Vice President of Sales at GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) - globally.
  • Pioneered new markets: closed GECAS' first ever deal in Senegal and the Congo; executed the first ever aircraft lease in Libyan history.
  • Launched new products: led GECAS' first engine substitution deal in the world; won GECAS' first ever airport deal in the Middle East.
  • Opened up new customers: added 10 new airlines to our client portfolio, including one who had locked us out for 20 years.
  • Led diverse teams through difficult times: I covered North Africa during the Arab Spring and we repossessed aircraft in Turkey, Russia, Nigeria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt; my team was composed mostly of older men.
  • Created a podcast, When Women Win, to give women all over the world access to female role models. By the end of its first season, it was #1 on the UAE & Saudi Arabia iTunes charts. It is listened to in 181 countries and is a media partner of UN Women.
  • I co-led the GE Women's Network for Middle East, North Africa & Turkey for 3 years. The goal was to retain women at GE by building a community, exposing them to senior leadership and advocating on their behalf.
  • I was President of Ellevate Dubai, local chapter of Ellevate, the world's premier business women's network - for 4 years. Our mission was to connect, grow and inspire Dubai's professional women.

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