Rania Bader


Holding a computer engineering degree, Rania has more than 10 years’ experience in Telecom Industry. She is an award winning mobile app after participating in a regional contest in 2011 programming an app to simplify troubleshooting for internet ADSL. She is also a startup weekend alumni and a 2016 Techwomen alumni. She served as a Toastmasters club president and served as National President for JCI Jordan for the year 2019 after 3 years career in the organization. She has participated in numerous trainings and workshops on well-being, meditations and groups who empower women and well-being lifestyle. Currently she is leading Transformative Tech Amman chapte. She recently launched Noor App, a meditation app in arabic where she developed the app and created the content. She sees herself as a consciousness and happiness teacher and a passionate woman who helps people being their best versions and breaking dysfunctional patterns. She is sharing her passion in using technology to help in elevating human consciousness, well-being and joy.

Fluent in

Arabic ,  English


  • Award winning mobile app. Founder of Noor App, a meditation app in Arabic, Amman Chapter leader at Transformative Tech Lab, Techwomen Alumni.

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