Rita Morris


Offering parent coaching services to parents of teens/tween who need a little extra support, kids with ADHD, anxiety, etc. If you are struggling with your teen/tween, please feel free to reach out, I'm delighted to help by offering support and guidance. ​By supporting you on your path to learning your child, by understanding child development and by supporting you while you create and uphold strong, sensible boundaries. working together, you will come to understand the message of disrespectful, uncooperative behaviour, as well as reasonable consequences. These consequences will teach and empower, not demoralize. You will be able to identify the vital importance of allowing your children the opportunity to make poor decisions, and feel the repercussions. This cause and effect will reinforce good decision making for the children. Through this you will be able to be able to grasp effective communication and problem solving techniques, as well as, strategies to manage your own feelings.

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Coach Training Academy

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor

National Board of Certified Counselors

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