Ron Kusek


My focus is on all areas of health & wellness. Providing advanced fitness programs that can be done anywhere with or without equipment. Based on genetics and micronutrient testing, I develop customized functional nutrition plans to help people with any chronic conditions they may face, using high quality nutrients to help with reducing stress , anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and improving cholesterol. My coaching programs provide nutrition, spiritual, mental, & fitness programming to optimize every area of your lifestyle. Using genetics & blood analysis , biometric technology monitoring, epigenetic optimization cognitive testing, I develop bio-specific programs to enhance the health of my clients. My current work includes caring for the elderly in a senior care community as a wellness coach.

Fluent in



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Issuing organization

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Certificate name
Issuing organization

Certified Personal Trainer

National Strength and Conditioning Association

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Functional Aging Specialist

Functional Aging Institute

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