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Kristie Jones

Helping Founders Build, Grow, and Scale their Sales Team and Customer Success by Improving Process, Strategy, and People to Accelerate Revenue.

Kristie is the go-to expert for SaaS companies wanting to build or scale their Sales or Customer Success teams. Her 19+ years as a Sales Leader in the SaaS space fuels her passion for helping bootstrapped or VE/PE funded founders increase revenue.

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Aimee Muirnin Dunne

Aimee Dunne

What's an operations plan? The processes, templates and metrics that help you use your resources efficiently, implement new ideas and continue to grow.

Have you skipped the “operations part”? That's okay, it can seem difficult and time consuming. But it's key to growing your business! I can help you identify obstacles, create new processes, implement revenue strategies and explore ideas for growth.

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