Sonya Highfield


I've been an entrepreneur for over 8 years, the last 4 have been focused on coaching women entrepreneurs using intuition & strategy, uncovering mindset beliefs that are holding them back, guiding them into a wealth mindset, and helping them create a life and business full of joy, impact and holistic wealth. My clients are in a variety of industries, multi-passionate, and motivated to improve the world with their gifts. My coaching is a combination of intuitive listening, profound question asking, strategy advising, resource sharing, networking, accountability and support for my clients as people first, business owners second.

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  • Presented at Art Entrepreneurship Educators Conference, San Diego 2017
  • Presented at Self Employment in the Arts Conference, Chicago 2018
  • Presented at Rebelle Conference for Women, Richmond 2019
  • Expansive Experiences Spiritual Biz Retreat for Women, Costa Rica 2020

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