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I am a Business technology Strategist, Consultant and Coach with 24 years of consulting experience within the public and private sectors in various tech development & leadership roles. I completed my Computer Science degree in 1995, that is when I, along with a couple of other friends, started a forum to help other students who struggle with computer programming. It was my first tech entrepreneurial venture till dot-com bust. I also experience coaching tech start-ups to turn their ideas into products and get funding for their projects to build and grow. After finishing my Master's Degree in Business started aligning business and technology strategies to increase profits and productivity. I help women entrepreneurs to use technology effectively so that they have 1. more time freedom, 2. achievement without feeling guilty of ignoring family and 3. turn their passion into financial security. Currently, I am on a mission to help one thousand ambitious women-led businesses by the end of 2020 to have the freedom, flexibility and financial security even when they sleep. My vision is to make all small business thrive in any economy and become self-sustainable. My expertise is in Business Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation Planning and Technology leadership to increase profits and productivity for the market dominance. I am passionate about Women Empowerment, Youth Leadership and eradication of Childhood Poverty. Expertise: IT Strategy Business Strategy, Cyber Security, Data Governance and Protection, AI Bots (Artificial Intelligence Bots) or chatbots Wordpress Websites, Technical SEO and Organic Traffic, Tech Leadership (Thought Leadership) Online Courses or Programmes Membership Sites e-Commerce Sites

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  • International Speaker 2016 - Radio Works World
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Had a great call!

Sudna is amazing. She was able to break down the technical for me to understand how we can use FB messenger bot to accelerate our mission to help women go farther, faster!

December 2019

Thanks Kathryn, It was great speaking with you as well. Glad, I could be able to help. Woman empowerment is close to my heart and your mission resonates with me.

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