Sue Saso


As a Certified Health and Wellness/Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Health Educator and Personal Trainer for over a decade, I'm passionate about promoting "being your best self" through healthy lifestyles coaching, behavior change and stress management seminars. My practice focuses on enhancing emotional and/or physical wellness through non-judgement listening and promoting self-compassion. I enjoy working one-on-one as a health coach to promote stress management strategies, build resilience, and improve overall well-being. I bring wellness to businesses and hospital personnel as a wellness coach and health educator. I formerly worked in emergency medicine as an EMT.

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Certified Health and Wellness Coach


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Lifestyle Medicine Coach


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Certified Personal Trainer


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Masters in Public Health

San Jose State University


  • I have been working in healthcare for over 10 years, teaching workshops and webinars that focus on total well-being, including stress management, building resilience, nutrition for mental health, and fitness for emotion and physical health. I simultaneously work as a health and wellness coach, supporting high risk clients (diabetes, heart disease, obesity) to improve their health using mindfulness techniques, self-compassion, and promoting tiny habit changes to boost their nutritional and physical activity goals.

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