Susan MacConnell


Susan has a passion for connecting people and giving referrals. Susan is a co-founder of Diversified Sales Solutions and Smarketing CONNECT. Her specific niche is teaching and training on the power of Networking and Referral based selling. She most recently helped launch the Smarketing CONNECT to address the close relationship and need for Sales and Marketing in small businesses and startups using Local Sales and Marketing Professionals. She is a former Sales professional with over twenty years of experience across many industries. Her background includes executive sales management, sales team creation, sales training. Susan has helped recruit and build sales organizations, creating direct selling teams. She has developed and conducted social media prospecting/sales programs for small companies and startups. She has consulted many small businesses in MA in the last six years.


  • Speaker and Moderator at ENET Boston
  • 1.Outsourcing why where and when
  • 2. Sales for startup to fist sale
  • I have connected several people who were hired at the company I referred them to.
  • I have been a top performer at several companies over the years and have done all types of sales from phone calling to door to door prospecting.
  • I recently co founded Smarketing CONNECT platform to promote sale and marketing experts to small businesses. Smarketing CONNECT based on my passion for small businesses to understand the difference between sales and marketing!

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