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Tanya Tarr is founder of Cultivated Insights, a corporate learning and development company. She is also the founder of the Cultivated School which specializes in teaching experiential and robust negotiation and leadership skills. Tanya is also a senior contributor to Forbes where she writes about leadership, negotiation and equal pay. Trained as a behavioral scientist, Tanya worked for seventeen years in political and legislative campaigns across the United States. Additionally, Tanya spent part of her career working with military families, veterans and in counter intelligence. In that 20 years of field work, Tanya saw why people make choices and how that affects their behavior. She also saw hundreds of examples of authentic leadership. Tanya feels a deep commitment to promoting best practices on leading with emotional stewardship, because she saw how adopting that mindset creates and sustains deep relationships of trust in organizations. Tanya has a master of science in performance measurement from Carnegie Mellon University. She is a certified master trainer by the Center for Effective Performance and the Union Leadership Institute, a certified coach via the State University of New York, Purchase, and a certified DEI practitioner via Cornell University. She has taught negotiation techniques to more than 1,000 students worldwide with her innovative teaching methods. Tanya is launching The Cultivated School, a school of integrative leadership, in early 2021. This virtual school is dedicated to helping everyone learn how to negotiate with authentic power and win at work, at home and in business. She hopes you'll join this community, dedicated to redefining power and rebuilding a more equitable world.

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  • Tanya has 20 years of experience in designing, evaluating, facilitating and training executives and teams on a variety of topics. This includes: strategic planning, leadership, team development, volunteer recruitment, civic engagement, legislative advocacy, fundraising and - of course - negotiation and collaborative techniques. Tanya has trained groups of 15 to 500, through in-person and remote workshops to my students around the globe. Tanya has trained more than 1,000 people internationally on negotiation and collaboration technique with her innovated teaching method.
  • Tanya is the #24 most influential voice on Twitter on gender equality and diversity, according to Onalytica. Tanya was a Rising Star award winner (2009) by Campaigns and Elections' Politics Magazine, recognizing people under 35 years old who have made a significant mark in political consulting or advocacy.


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