Wendy Silver


I am the founder and President of Beyond the Workplace LLC, a boutique HR consulting company servicing companies at various stages of growth. I work to create and promote brave and better workplaces so businesses and their employees can grow in the right direction. I do this by: • Getting to know you and your business and providing the framework and expertise to create a work environment that supports your company's mission, values, and culture. • Offering a unique combination of extensive legal knowledge and HR operational know-how to effectively and efficiently navigate overwhelming compliance obligations, while still remaining competitive in attracting and retaining the best talent. • Partnering with businesses to provide day-to-day employee relations support on an as-needed basis. I also work one-on-one with managers to improve overall management and communication practices. • Providing strategic HR process improvement with the goal of streamlining processes and creating more efficient workflows. In addition, I coach women navigating tricky workplace situation or who want or need to make a job or career change but aren’t sure of the steps to take to make it happen. At its core, the work with all of my clients focuses on making BRAVE work, life, and career decisions and taking BOLD action. Together we work to push past the fears and to identify priorities to make needed change. It isn’t always easy. But it is better.


  • A recent contributor to the American Management Association's Playbook with an article titled: Creating an Employee Communication Plan to Support Employee Engagement
  • Featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Tribune and Small Business Today.
  • 2019 - Speaker, Maine Women's Conference, Bringing Out Your BRAVE.
  • 2018 - Speaker, Massachusetts Conference for Women, HR for StartUps What to Know as You Grow.


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