Meet Diane Helbig

Current life (Title)

Chief Improvement Catalyzer


Tell us about your business/occupation & how you ended up where you are today. 

Since early 2006 I've been working as a business advisor and trainer helping small business owners and business leaders improve their results. After my father's passing I decided to make a change to doing something that would have an impact. After some exploration I chose to take all of my business leadership and sales experience, as well as what I had learned from my father, and launch my practice.



My superpower is embracing possibilities while living in reality


Loves to talk about

sales, strategy, customer service, business growth, leadership


Pet Peeve



Wants to help you with

improving your business results through individualized strategies specific to you and your goals.


Describe your typical workday?

Conducting my business therapy groups, creating content, working with clients, networking


What is the biggest challenge you face in your business/job & how do you overcome it?

Reinventing due to the pandemic. I am setting up a virtual studio, taking a virtual trainer certification course, and preparing to train remotely and through online courses.


How do you keep yourself motivated?

I practice gratitude


"Go to" quote or mantra?

I can only live in reality. Won't you join me here?


What inspires you?

small business owners


What is the best advice you have ever received?

When you are in a leadership position you have to deal with people based on who they are, not on who you are.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be patient. Give others the opportunity to get to know and trust you.


What are your "go to" business books?

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Nail It by Debbie Fay, Invisible Solutions by Stephen Shapiro


What are your favorite productivity tips or hacks (apps, tools, organizational methods)?

Keeping my email closed post of the day, using Buffer to schedule social posts, using my SILOs calendar to keep my initiatives structured and organized.