Meet Paul Crick

Current life (Title)

Founder and Managing Director, The Elevate Partnership


Tell us about your business/occupation & how you ended up where you are today. 

I sat on the end of a hotel in London at the age of 40 and asked the question, 'is this it then?' Despite the outward trappings of 'success' I was unhappy but didn't know why. I took a 13 year journey to wake up, grow up, clean up and show up. I certified in all kinds of modalities for coaching, learning about myself and how we as human beings tick. It's a ongoing journey. Having done it, I have discovered I absolutely love to help others become the best version of themselves to inspire others to do the same. The business exists to help change our culture of leadership in the tech and professional services sectors one leader and one organisation at a time to make our workplaces more human, more compassionate and more productive.





Loves to talk about

My wife. Music. Aikido. Psychology


Pet Peeve

Name dropping to try and impress.


Wants to help you with

Uncovering your internal, core assumptions that limit your inner game and, as a consequence, your outer game. My work helps you build your capacity to lead and your level of consciousness as a leader to accomplish what matters to you rather than simply achieve.


Describe your typical workday?

Morning is 'me time' to do a set routine of meditation, breathing exercises, a dog walk in nature along with a good breakfast to win the day. I aim to achieve 1 - 2 things per day that help me move the business forwards. I head for Aikido class which is at 7pm. Bed is 10pm and lights out by 11pm.


What is the biggest challenge you face in your business/job & how do you overcome it?

It took me 9 years and 9 months to pay off a six figure sum of debt following the end of my marriage. This kept me in work that serviced the debt but wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I overcame it 1 day at a time with the love and support of my wife and my close friends appreciating the unexpected lessons and opportunities that arose from being in that situation.


How do you keep yourself motivated?

My mission is simply to love and be loved. Having that in mind keeps me on track.


"Go to" quote or mantra?

I am enough


What inspires you?

Nature. My Aikido instructors.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

You become the product of the people you hang out with so choose well.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Life is short so slow down to appreciate. All will be well.


What are your "go to" business books?

Scaling Leadership by Robert J Anderson and William Adams, This Is Marketing by Seth Godin, Turn The Ship Around by L.David Marquet and The Leadership Dojo by Richard Strozzi-Heckler


What are your favorite productivity tips or hacks (apps, tools, organizational methods)?

OmHarmonics program (in MindValley App), Box Breathing App. Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) Method, (speech to text), Rode Reporter, Contacts+