wiseHer offers women across the globe an innovative, accessible and affordable platform for expert advice

New, user-friendly tech platform, wiseHer, aims to fill gaps and drive success for more women business owners and entrepreneurs with on-demand advice from experts

September 23, 2019 — wiseHer is a mission-driven technology platform focused on solving many of the problems faced by millions of women in the business world. The platform is designed to provide on-demand expert advice, education, career development, and funding opportunities to help them overcome challenges, get actionable answers to their questions and some funding for their businesses or corporate education.

wiseHer was founded by Kathryn Rose, an acclaimed digital marketing and sales strategist who has established herself as a force in the field. The platform features carefully selected, battle-tested experts, including successful business owners, acclaimed advisers, and thought leaders all ready and willing to provide the answers--via personal connections- that women need to go farther, faster in their businesses or careers.

wiseHer is filling a gap for women in business by making it easy for them to access actionable, expert advice to help launch, grow, or scale their businesses or careers,” said Kathryn Rose, wiseHer’s founder, who was recently recognized on DataBird Business Journal’s 2019 list of 250 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs, “I’ve spent the last 20 years focused on developing, supporting, and connecting women to succeed in business, and it’s clear that women don’t need more inspiration or empowerment, they need access to world-class experts that they can connect to 1-on-1, on their own time,” Kathryn continued.

The online platform has been officially launched after a successful beta testing period, offering on-demand expert calls for an affordable rate of $99 for a 60-minute call or $49 for a 30-minute call. There are also packages available for three or five 30-minute sessions, ensuring that every woman has a solution to her problem.

The wiseHer platform is simple and user-friendly and has search capability that allows users to easily find the right expert and connect with them to schedule a session. Users can also enjoy a plethora of free resources and education on wiseHer

wiseHer is already in partnership with several women-centric organizations, including Women in Tech, Innovation Women, Boston Women Connect, SheEO World,  Ada’s List, Women in Tech Summit, and Women Sales Pros.

For more information about wiseHer and the immense features and benefits of the platform, please visit - www.wiseHer.com. wiseHer is also available across several social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About wiseHer

wiseHer is global knowledge marketplace that helps women business owners and professionals overcome unique challenges on-demand through 1:1 access to thousands of executives, coaches/mentors, education and resources that accelerate business or career growth.